Install Postfix (email server) in Linux

Secure /etc/fstab in Linux

Its best to secure /etc/fstab as it contains all the mount locations and can lead to boot issues if any novice person tinkers/plays around with it. The secure mode can only be enabled /disabled by root user only and completely secure....

Install Postfix (email server) in Linux

Add and Mount LVM Volume in Linux

Its possible add a LVM volume on the fly. The steps would involve formatting the newly added disk with LVM and creating a mount point and adding the new volume to it. The whole process would involve creating Physical Volume followed by...

Install Postfix (email server) in Linux

Setup Nagios Core on CentOS/Red Hat

Setup and Configuration guide for Nagios Core on any Fedora/Linux based OS (incl. CentOS & Red Hat). This guide would allow you to setup Nagios Monitoring Server up and running in roughly 15 mins. The process would involve installing...