Reducing LVM disk size is possible using lvreduce on the fly without a reboot. Make sure that data is backed up for the disk to be resized so that FREE space can be reused. LVM (Logical Volume Management) is very efficient when it comes to mounting/partitioning disks in Linux. You need to be ROOT to carry out this process.

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Its now possible to extend LVM disk/partition to more than 2TB that too without using Parted, GPT or Kernel editing.After doing lots of Googling and not a single article explaining about extending LVM volume without GPT, I came up with this article which has been fully tested and working. It was tested on a 4TB disk with a single partition of 3.5TB. The LVM extension can be done without loosing any data although I would still recommend backing up the data as a precautionary measure.

NOTE: This has been tested in a DEV environment and assume no responsibility with regards to performance effect on the disk/volume in Production although the disk tested has been in a perfect condition and working for more than 2 years now.

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