It's possible to get a list of users of active users in IDM/IPA with formatted date and time by running this one liner command. It gets you the list of users with last successsful authentications to IDM/IPA server. Very handy command when it's required for Audit purposes. It will also give you the list of users who last changed password and you can modify it according to your requirements.

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It's very easy to create a Kickstart tree in Spacewalk and that to in a Automated fashion for provisioning hosts. All you have to do is create a Base Channel for CentOS and then create a Repo and then marry both and then at the time of Repo sync choose the option of "Creating a kickstartable tree".

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Its possible to configure Puppetdb with PostgreSQL as its much more manageable as compared to the in-built DB that comes with Puppetdb i.e. HSQLDB. Plus its much easier to query and troubleshoot any issues you comes across especially when using Puppet Hiera and exported resources. Follow this easy to follow guide and you should be up and running with a basic config of Puppetdb in no time.

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It’s easy to setup Puppet server and a client in CentOS and RHEL by following the easy-to-follow steps given in this guide. You will need ROOT access for the install and setup.

Pre-requisites (minimal):

Hardware & Software



Hard Disk : 30GB

OS: CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux v 6.x.x

Architecture : x64

Packages: puppet-server and puppet

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