This article shows you the steps to install Spacewalk 2.2 (aka Satellite) version on CentOS. To start with the install we need make sure that firewall and hostname and IP are configured correctly. Make sure that these ports are opened in the firewall.

Ports required:
Outbound open ports -- 80, 443, 4545
Inbound open ports -- 80, 443, 5222 and 5269, 69 udp if you want to use tftp (for kickstart PXE)

RAM requirements -- 2GB Minimum , 4GB Recommended

This article will be based on CentOS 6. There is a one click script as well in BASH SCRIPTS section.

Make sure the hostname ,static IP and host entry is setup properly.

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There might be a need to Change SUDO LDAP password whilst managing the SUDO rights centrally through IDM. In this scenario it would be the 1st time you are configuring the SUDO rights. Follow the steps outlined to change the password for master server.

NOTE: Don't run this on replica instances of IDM as it would be replicated from Master.

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